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Seaside Sampler  has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing afternoon picnic at your favorite beach..lakeside, seaside or poolside.


This dish is not only elegant but also healthy, providing a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients.


Simple yet elegant combination of Dave's premium canned albacore and salmon, crispy flat crackers, rich klamata italian olives, green tiny capers packed with flavor, and belgium chocolate.


Each item is packaged with convienent a tear notch or pull tab for easy opening and no refridgeration nessesary.   


Includes a wood serving tray, to create a perfect arrangement to serve and enjoy.


Serves up to 4


Sampler Includes:

Gourmet Albacore in Olive Oil 3.25oz

Garlic Albacore Fillet 3.25oz

Aldersmoked King Salmon Fillet 3.25oz

Albacore fillet in Spring water 3.25oz

Box Flat Crackers 2oz

Klamata italian olives 3oz

Green Tiny Capers 4oz

Belgium Chocolate 6oz

Wooden Serving Tray



Seaside Sampler

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