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6oz Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore


Introducing Dave's Jalapeno Albacore, a 6oz can of sustainably caught fish. Our albacore is hook and line caught and cooked in natural juices to preserve its delicate flavor. With a mild jalapeno flavor, Dave's Albacore is a great source of protein and omega-3 heart healthy oils. Enjoy the freshest taste from the Pacific with Dave's Jalapeno Albacore, a solid fillet with a mild kick.


Ingredients: Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore with light sea salt.

Can Size: 6.0oz EZ-open lid


Caught: Dave’s Albacore are caught offshore in the North Pacific

Description: Mild in flavor Albacore are the best sourse of protein and omega3 heart healthy oils.


Taste: Delicate in texture, sashimi grade Albacore fillets are fresh packed with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Mild taste and firm texture Dave’s albacore is delicious served straight from the can.


Serving Ideas: Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore makes the best burritos, mix with cream cheese and stuff in roasted peppers or mix with mayo celery onion add tomatoes cheese, sandwich between sliced sourdough and grill.


6oz Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore

  • 6oz Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore

    6oz Dave’s Jalapeno Albacore with light sea salt.

    6.0oz EZ-open lid



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