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7.75oz King Salmon Fillets-LNo Salt


New Batch!

Incredible rich red King salmon fillets.

Buttery smooth flaky texture.

Swimming in rich omega3 natural oils.

Healing goodness from the cold ocean waters of North Pacific.

Taste the freshest catch, its a meal in a can!

This salmon is delicous you will want to sink a fork and enjoy straight from the can.


 Case 24/7.75oz King Salmon Fillets-No Salt are the perfect addition to any pantry or emergency food supply.


Each fillet is carefully hand-packed in its own natural juices, preserving the delicate flavor and texture of the fish.

With no added salt, you can enjoy the pure and natural taste of our wild-caught salmon.


The 7.75oz size is perfect for a quick and easy meal, snack, or on-the-go protein boost. Order now and taste the difference in our sustainably harvested, high-quality salmon fillets.


Chinook King Salmon fillet no salt.


Fresh Canned Alaskan King Salmon fillets, 

packed in natural omega 3 juices.

No skin, no bones pure salmon fillet.

Ez-open lid

Case 24/ 7.75oz King Salmon Fillets-No Salt

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  • 7.75oz King Salmon Fillets-no Salt



    Chinook King Salmon fillet no salt.



    This is a beautiful pack of our Alaskan King Salmon, packed in natural omega 3 juices. No skin, no bones -just a moist delicous fillet.

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