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Now offering Bundle Box Monthly Subscription

(serves up to 12)


Each month you will receive your bundle box full of Dave’s favorite canned Gourmet Albacore, Chunk Style Albacore perfect for making tuna melts. 

You'll also receive 2 cans of our Albacore select Flavor of the Month,  in 3oz and 6oz can sizes.

To complete your bundle box, we've included a can of our scrumptious and hearty Salmon Chowder, and a box of water crackers to pair with the chowder or serve with Albacore. 


Each Sampler Box includes:


4 - 7.75oz cans  Dave's Gourmet Albacore No Salt

1 - 6oz Seafood Chowers Selection

2 - 7.75oz Albaore Chuck Style

1 - 6oz Albacore Specialty Flavor

1 - 325oz AlbacoreSpecialty Flavor

1 - 5oz Box Crackers

1 - Wooden Serving Tray


Dave's canned seafood is the freshest catch with healthy protein and omega-3, making it a tasty and nutritious option for any meal on-the-go!


North Pacific Line caught Albacore fillets. Dave’s Albacore is hook & line caught by your local fisherman offshore in the North Pacific.


Dave's canned seafood is cooked in the can in natural

Omega 3 heart healthy juices

31 grams of pure protein in every serving.

Rich in Heart Healthy essential omega-3 oils, beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease.


Delicious for salads, casseroles & spreads, or enjoy with a fork straight from the can.


Value $95

Subscribe and Save $15 off every shipment.

Cancel anytime.

Sampler Bundle Box - Subscription Option

PriceFrom $67.50
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Bundle
Subscribe & Save $15 off every shipment
$67.50every month until canceled
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